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3/23/08 03:25 pm - It's been awhile...

So I'm back. I've had no internet for a few months and my boyfriend of the last 5 months and I just broke up. I'm feeling crushed and lonely and here I am again. I always seem to come back to livejournal when I need something comforting and familiar. It hurts to bad to think about and I need an escape. If anyone even remembers me, feel free to hit me up on aol or yim all night.

12/11/07 11:48 pm - Friends Only

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Comment here to be added if I miss you. You don't neccessarily have to comment for an add, but it makes it easy and I get to show off a sailor V pic at the top of my journal!

11/20/07 01:06 pm - I live!!!!!!

To make a long story short, I've been grounded from the internet for awhile. I think I'll be able to get on again soon but my mom is being a real pain about this. I miss you all and promise to be back asap or at least check in when I'm at the library from time to time. Because we have lots of family events planned this week and Grandma is here visiting, I'ma have to say this now.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's early but I probably won't be able to get back to the Library again till after Thanksgiving. Anyways I gotta get going. Going out to lunch with a girlfriend. Back to hiatusing for the week. ^-~

10/26/07 02:28 pm - Super Hero Quizness

What female superhero are you???

Sailor moon

You are... who!? Sailor moon! Yes, the girliest of superheros. You use the aid of your friends to help you, and are most concerned with the protection of love and justice. You are also a reincarnation of the princess of the moon!

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Tell me this isn't cool? I didn't even know Sailor Moon could be an answer to this!
BTW: Halloween parties this weekend woot woot!

10/24/07 09:01 am - About my Absence

Sorry to have been on a Hiatus for the past week everyone. All I can say in defense for my bad LJ friendness is.... I think I'm in love.

- 2 teaspoons of intelligence
- 1/2 a cup of romance
- a teaspoon of cuteness

Season and serve.
'What is your personality recipe?' at QuizGalaxy.com

10/12/07 02:47 pm - Cold Stone Tunes

OMG My Feet are killing me! So I worked my first full 8 hour shift yesterday at Coldstone. honestly it wasn't bad. The guy that is training me, Zach, has a funny way of explaining literally everything. I didn't think there was that much to the job too b ut I was way wrong. We really do more cleaning than anything. We have to keep our ice cream slab as clean as possible because customers get cranky if it looks bad. We wipe down the table and chairs at least 50 jillion times and we have to keep the toppings buckets refilled almost constantly. I learned how to make a waffle cone too which is kinda cool. It's this thin batter they store that we pour onto the waffle iron just like real waffles, but it's much thinner. Smells really good too and makes me hungry for sweets.
The silliest part of the job is we have to sing when we get a tip. The songs are silly too but they are supposed to give our work a more "fun" atmosphere and give the customer a feeling of appreciation for his dollar. Wanna hear some of em? Of course you do:

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Candy Bar
This is what our mix-ins are
Add a little brownie too
We'll make ice cream just for you
Sprinkle Sprinkle Candy Bar
Put a dollar in our jar

To the tune of "We Will Rock You" by Queen

When you come to Cold Stone
Looking for a treat
You know you'll find something cold and sweet
We've got mix-ins galore
At every store
And when you're done you'll be beggin' for more
Singin' "We are, we are Cold Stone - Creamery
We are, we are Cold Stone - Creamery"

To the Tune of "Give the Dog a Bone"

You have come, far from home
Just to see us work the stone
With a Knick Knack Paddy Whack Thank you for the Tip
Arn't you glad you made the Trip!

There's a whole bunch more. We have a giant poster in the break room that has lots of sons listed for us to memorize while we lurk back there but those are the only ones I can remember that I didn't murmur along with everyone else for. Anyways I have to get ready to go back. I'm working the night shift tonight but figured I'd pop in and update first. I've signed up for some really great Roleplays I can't wait to start but *Sigh* Its must wait till I get back from work. Anyways, I'll be back around 9:30 EST so if anyone wants to chat, hit me up on yim, me screen name is Sailorveniis.

10/10/07 02:09 pm - You Scream. I scream. We All scream for Ice Cream.

OMG! So excited! So excited. I am officially a Cold Stone Ice cream scooper as of now. Booyah!
The interview went really great. Mom took me and waited in the front and I filled out this aptitude test and got to talk to the manager. She seems really cool and not too much older than me oddly. Apparently she's a fan of late night adult swim too so we had stuff in common to talk about. It's so weird hearing people talk about certain skits in Robot chicken and knowing exactly which ones they are talking about. I swear I'm not a couch potato really though! *Points to teh Halo*
After she asked me to come in again tommorrow, mom bought my sister and me ice cream to celebrate. I am Telling you the "That's how I Roll" ice cream is the best stuff on the planet. It seriously has to be illegal for anything to taste that good it's just delicious. Kinda like cinnamon Toast Crunch times fifty!!!!
Anyways I felt real full after eating all that and literally had to unbutton the top most button on my pants or it woulda exploded off. That's when my sister made some remark about me getting tubby. Argh. I can't be gaining the weight back from the whole summer of non stop exhausting workout already right? Maybe she is just being a little bit but I guess I gotta work on a new work out strategy now that I'm going to be working at (And TASTING) an ice cream store.

10/5/07 03:39 pm - The Aftermath. Part 1

((Ok bear with me. I've not had any decent Role plays in ages, so I figured I'd start writing a fan fiction to get a few of my ideas out of my head.))

The wind clawed violently against the stranger's back as her bots dug deep into the mountain snow. Flurries of white dust sprinkled their way over her red hood as she struggled to climb forward every step taking her closer to an answer, every breath hungering to know what lies beyond. A few loose strands of raven hair brushed over her fair face as her eyes narrowed. She was almost there. The ice of the glacier became more chunk shaped as she foraged on into the freezing abyss.
They were discarded here, long ago. No longer to be of use by queen corrupt of power and evil, those who had at one time gallantly served a dead queen, were imprisoned in their frozen tomb for all of time. A glimmer from a distance caught the eyes of the violet eyed beauty, her feet instinctively darting through the snow with a sense of urgency. Riding like a mountain from the glacier they stood, in a giant sheet of ice embedded in the mountain wall. Catacombs of glass like ice holding beautiful, pained, dead creatures in full preservation. She felt the tears welling up inside and though she tried to stifle them, they slowly seeped their way to the surface warming her frozen cheeks as they spilled down. Delicate fingers brushed at the loose snowflakes to peer deeper into the frozen tomb. Inside lie what would appear to be a soft man of alabaster skin, and fair locks that covered his forever sleeping eyes.
Rei wept as her fingers curled up into the safety of her hand, her heart feeling not it's usual rage of fire, but the drumming pain of break. She had in her former life loved him for many lifetimes. Living as a queen, an ambassador for good, she did much to help her comrades shape the universe. He was her rock, her joy and her heart through it all and with him she hadn't known a day without hope and happiness. Why did it take her so long in this lifetime to realize it. Why couldn't she remember until it was too late. Beating her hand against the solid ice she cried out "Why?! Why did you leave me? I can't do this without you..."
Sobbing and shaking she crumpled into a ball as her head fell to her hands. Would she be condemned to mourn him for the rest of time? Perhaps she could just stay where she was, she mused in her despair, and let the snow cover her too. To escape this cold dark world, or if nothing else to be with him again and feel the breath of love upon her heart once more...

10/4/07 02:21 pm - Halloween Meme

Stolen from feanor_star's journal
Halloween Meme
haldir_whorehaldir_whore creates an unholy monstrosity from pgsm_usagipgsm_usagi, haldir_whorehaldir_whore and usagi_dumplingusagi_dumpling
mina_channies shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
nessabutterfly sacrifices feanor_star's candy
pgsm_usagi summons the undead armies of haldir_whore to steal your candy
feanor_star haunts your gerbils
sweetsailormars TPs your pumpkin
usagi_dumpling runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by pgsm_usagi, wielding a sharpened Bank Manager's lunchbox
LJ Name

Wow, that's kinda scary.

10/4/07 01:46 pm - Happy Thirty Thursday!


Hope y'all like the graphics. I didn't make it but it was one of my favorites saved from my old Myspace.
So we had a family pancake breakfast today and it was really nice. It's strange the things you realize you miss after coming back from a few months. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling just seeing familiar sights of my home town. Everything from the mall, to the comic store, to wal mart has this familiar mine feeling in my town. I know that sounds crazy but it's true.
We bought a new video game while we were out earlier called The Blue Dragon and it is so much fun. While it has cutesie kawaii graphics, it has an old school final fantasy type game play to it which just makes it super fun! Anyways, I'm going to get back to my game cause it's soo addictive but figured I'd keep my promise to update more and keep in better touch with old friends on here as well as some of the new.
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